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Incredible taste - Paleo Treats taste as good as or better than their conventional counterparts

"I'm one picky cacao addict and most Paleo desserts don't pass muster with me. They either contain terrible ingredients or taste yucky. Brownie Bombs, on the other hand, taste fantastic and the real food ingredients make me happy. They've got the perfect balance of rich chocolate flavor and sweetness. I keep them in my freezer and break one out anytime I need a satisfying sweet treat. I love what you guys do, Paleo Treats!"

Michelle Tam
Founder/ Creator
Nom Nom Paleo

Want an easy Paleo dessert?

Paleo TreatsTM has been trusted by thousands of customers since 2009 to deliver delicious Paleo desserts around the world, would you like to try some?

Real food ingredients with no preservatives

Paleo Approved
No Gluten, No Grain, No Dairy

Driven by Excellence

Paleo TreatsTM has been built from day 1 to be the most delicious Paleo desserts you can find. Made by Paleo athletes for all followers of the Paleo diet, we understand how important clean food is to your health. 

Our Paleo desserts save you time and keep you on the Paleo wagon during the holidays.